About ELM2

Project Overview

The Early Learning of Math through Media (ELM2) project encompasses production of Peg + Cat (an animated math-based PBS KIDS television series for preschoolers and complementary games and apps), the pilot of an early math focused professional development (PD) institute for Head Start teachers, development and design of a revised PD curriculum, distribution of family engagement resources, and research to advance the field’s understanding of how best to support early math learning. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Advancing Informal STEM Learning program.

Leadership and PD Authors

Project Leadership:

Curriculum Authors:


PD Curriculum Overview

The Early Learning of Math through Media (ELM2) professional development curriculum has been carefully designed, piloted, evaluated, and revised to support early math learning. Based on “How People Learn” research (National Research Council, 2005), ELM2 engages adults in active learning experiences to:

Building a solid foundation in math is becoming ever more important in the 21st century. Using video clips, games, and songs from the delightful Peg + Cat series as seen on PBS KIDS, ELM2 professional development conveys several overarching themes that are essential for building a solid math foundation. These include:

ELM2 professional development is divided into three modules:  A, B, and C. Designed as full day experiences, the days can be spread out to enable interim application in the classroom. After the foundation built by Module A, the facilitator can determine the sequencing of B and C.